Obesity Impacts the Brain

In the Aug 2012 edition of the journal Obesity, authors use 8 pages of writing—very intense an academic writing—to call attention to the link between obesity and cognitive decline.(Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Alzheimer’s Disease; Kerry L. Hildreth et al. page 1549, Vol 20, number 8)

Close to 12% of children 2-19 years of age are obese. It will get worse experts tell us. There will be an increased financial burden, caring for these obese patients.

It is expected that Alzheimers Disease will increase from 5.3 million currently to 16 million by 2050. In part this is related to obesity. Many obese patients have insulin resistance.

The precise mechanism by which abnormal insulin levels or metabolism causes brain damage is unclear. As the authors comment ” Unraveling the precise mechanism promises to be a rich are of continued investigation”

Obesity far to often starts in childhood. The fuse of a dynamite stick gets lit; it goes off in adulthood. We know about the impact of obesity on the heart and also the risk for diabetes. (In Calgary, Canada,¬†endocrinologists run the show when it comes to managing obesity in their childrens hospital–not cardiologists)

My point to you as a parent or journalist this week is simple: obesity is mostly about what too much insulin does to our bodies; in this case a key part of the body—the brain.

We have no idea yet how much this will cost us as a society. The government is clueless and is in a for a huge surprise…..so is the taxpayer.

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