Fizzy and sweet

Recently a group of experts from the Heart Association, Diabetes Association, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest and Yale University called on the Surgeon General to come out with a report on how soda drinks and sweet drinks impact our health.

These experts remember how a report on smoking and the effects of cigarettes on our health from the office of the Surgeon General became a game-changer.

They are expecting that a similar report on the dangers of soda pop and sweet drinks will have a similar impact and change behavior altogether

When will this report come out? I predict not soon but it may be a start. There still are too many people who do not see a link between obesity and the over-consumption of sweetened beverages. However one can be sure that when the report is delivered it will stir things up, so stay tuned.

A practical three step approach:

  • Ideally have no soda pop.
  • However if you consume it like a treat as opposed to a thirst quencher limit your child to a maximum of three cans per week (small cans that contains only 100Calories)
  • To deal with thirst use water and if it’s too bland for your child use juice and dilute it by 50% with sparkling, sugar and calorie free water.

Read more about this Press release here

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